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Nov 24, 2021Liked by Shaunak Agarkhedkar

More podcasts like this please and don't listen to people saying make it short, As the most handsome PM of the world that has the No.1 Armed forces and No.1 Agency, Imran Khan says,"Absolutely not", make it long, we all have time, I wanna know every little anecdotes and fine details of the past.Genres like these requires time to build the whole narrative and can't be done just in 20 minutes. It transports us to a safe place and relaxes us,as all of these stories are real life incidents and you don't get to hear stories like these, without any biases, breakage in link or any pravachan by the speaker about the event rather the pureness of the event is kept intact which is the most important thing.And you do it,just the balanced way which is perfect and required. Thank you and please upload the next one as soon as possible.

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