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Let Bhutto Eat Grass: The Series

Let Bhutto Eat Grass

The four-part spy series begins in 1974 when Arun Sablok, an Indian intelligence analyst, discovers a spy in Europe stealing nuclear weapons technology.

But weak evidence, inexperience, and Sablok’s reputation for alcoholism conspire against him, and his section chief refuses to allow an operation.

Two years after joining the intelligence service, Sablok has finally found a sense of purpose, and he won’t give up without a fight. He seeks the help of the only other person he trusts in the service, a washed-up case officer who was an outstanding once.

Buffeted by unseen forces — foreign & domestic — the duo scrambles to extract a monstrous price.

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Critical Reviews

Let Bhutto Eat Grass was reviewed for Swarajya Magazine by Natesh Mogra.

“The surroundings in real life seem to disappear, and all one feels is the intense heartbeat of a frightened soul walking cautiously down a European street on a cold winter night, or the perspiration accumulating on one's forehead on a summer afternoon in an old and creaky office in New Delhi.”

Let Bhutto Eat Grass: Part Three was reviewed for Swarajya Magazine by Varun Oak-Bhakay.

“It doesn't feel underwritten. There's an ebb and flow. There's the kind of humour you'll only get out of government servants – kooky, often morbid, but economical.”

Reviews from Amazon & Goodreads

“…super spy thriller in the genre and style of John Le Carré…”

“…turns the spy fiction genre on its head…”

“…a gritty, realistic tale of espionage…”

“…gripping and engaging…”

“…blends immersive composition with meticulous research…”

“…characters so real you can practically smell them…”

“…edge-of-the-seat stuff…”

“…crisp plot…perfect pace…superb characters…masterful blending of fact and fiction…”