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If you watch Professor Daniel Sheehan university course lectures on his work as a lawyer in the Karen Silkwood case it sets out Sheehan had the taped confession of an ex police officer who was involved in forcing Karen Silkwood's car off the road and admitting she had been killed in the accident. This witness was ordered to give evidence in court and was then stabbed to death a few days later. Similar fast deaths happened to other witnesses also ordered to give evidence.

Karen Silkwood's body was taken from the accident and disappeared for 28 hours and later turned up as a Jane Doe with all her organs and brain missing. An autopsy was carried out on the remaining body parts.

With regard to the conspiracy claims to cover up what Silkwood had discovers ending in her death, these involved the company and CIA smuggling 98% pure weapons grade plutonium to Israel, South Africa, Iran and Brazil via Mexico the evidence was clear. It included company employees caught taking sophisticated weighing scales to weigh the plutonium to a small town in Mexico and US Congress use of NSA satellites to monitor in real time the nuclear facility and the smuggling to Mexico and then on to an Israeli boat off the Mexican coast. Sheehan says the judge refused to allow this part of the case to go forward after a confidential meeting in chambers with an FBI lawyer and 2 CIA agents (which the judge advised Sheehan was taking place and Sheehan says is on the court records). Sheehan advises the judge decided on national security grounds to disallow the conspiracy charges. He did this by dismissing this on grounds that the civil rights laws being used only applied to black people. This decision was later over turned but by the case was over and the info the CIA wanted hidden was not released in open court but was set out in the initial evidence and witness statements. Sheehan explains in his lectures how books on Silkwood misrepresent what happened.

What I find curious is how no mainstream media reports Sheehan's first hand evidence and other reports even this substack don't set out what Professor Sheehan sets out in his lecture course about this trial.

One final comment is no but Prof Sheehan links a whole range of intelligence agencies and people to the many cases involving the CIA that Sheehan took part in. These involved drugs and arms etc. Sheehan even goes as far as to say he was told people working for him on the Silkwood case would be killed and it would be covered up if they went further. Sheehan sets out he was told a newstation TV crew was killed for trying to go to a place that CIA training was taking place and nothing happened. There is lots more but those are main points. Its worth watching Prof Sheehan's 2012 and 2013 uni lecture courses each have 20 videos. There are other years up to about 2016. Find these at https://m.youtube.com/@romeroinstitute

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