The Taliban offensive in Panjshir appeared to be going swimmingly with Pakistani Special Forces doing the bulk of the fighting. Then unidentified…
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or "the man who ruined the Soviet warplane industry in less than a decade"
A mediocre R&AW officer and an American diplomat in Damascus, a USAID employee in Delhi, and a CIA officer in Kathmandu.
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The world came to within inches of nuclear war in 1983. An act of treachery helped avert it. This is the story of Agent Topaz.
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How the CIA cultivated and controlled a political warfare group in West Berlin with a little bit of help from the Ford Foundation
How $6.5 million and a 1,476-foot tunnel netted the CIA and MI6 intelligence from East Berlin for 11 months and 11 days in 1955
Haji Bashir Noorzai fought the Soviets, ran a trucking business, befriended the Taliban, worked for the CIA, and enjoyed a holiday in Manhattan.